The Oh So Normal Paranormal!

It’s often tough to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the supernatural.

Intuitive Coach , Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium, has a captivating and down-to-earth approach about everything metaphysical. She presents a thrilling presentation on alternative dimensions: the other side, ghosts, spirits, & energy forms. Attain clarification about the earth realm, haunted places, and types of ghosts such as human spirits, animal spirits and poltergeist. Learn some of the great skills required to intelligently open up and sense spirit activity.

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Jodi has conducted ghost investigations with Twin Cities Live at well-known restaurants such as Forepaugh’s in St. Paul, River City Saloon located in Anoka Minnesota, known as the Halloween capitol of the world, and Cuzzy’s in Minneapolis. She’s investigated places that may surprise you such as Sea Life at The Mall of America and famed First Avenue in Minneapolis!

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