Online Summit! Unleash the Psychic Goddess within!

Come listen to me and 20 other psychic, spiritual, empathic, and metaphysical experts share how to unleash your very own gifts! And it’s FREE!

PG_Guest_Jodi Livon

My friend and colleague, Susan Ortolano, is putting together a free online event called Unleash The Psychic Goddess With: How to awaken to your own unique gifts to have an extraordinary life. I am thrilled to be one of the Experts sharing my wisdom as a medium and intuitive coach! Join for FREE

 Starts April 2nd, 2018! This is an online event!

For more information and to sign up click HERE!

Events that Uplift & Enlighten!

*April 3rd Unleash the Psychic Goddess Within

*April 5th Jim Harold’s Paranormal Plus Club  

*April 13th, Twin Cities Live!

*April 25th Administrative Professionals Week!

*May 10th, The Oh So Normal Paranormal!

March 7th & May 10th events include readings of spontaneously chosen audience members!

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