Watch Dave Schrader on Ghost Adventures this Saturday, July 30th!

On July 30th, radio host Dave Schrader will be on GHOST ADVENTURES!

I’ve done some fun ghost investigations on Twin Cities Live with Dave including famed First Ave , Sea Life at the Mall of America and in Anoka Minnesota, the Halloween capitol of the world! Watch this national ghost investigator do his thing on Ghost Adventures this Saturday! I’m doing Gallery-Style readings at the live, in-studio screening of the episode this Friday and can’t wait!

Twin Cities Live Ghost Investigators Dave Schrader and Jodi LivonFirst ave













Jodi & Carson Kressley...Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!First aveTrent Jodi doen the dip COLOR



Well, I’ve read celebrities, danced as a celebrity, and stood on the stage of famed First Avenue after conducting a ghost investigation of the place with well-respected ghost investigator and radio host Dave Schrader. Twin Cities Live may be a local show but it has international appeal. This main-stream medium can’t wait to see what’s next!

Tune in July 15th, 2016 3pm CST. on channel 5-KSTP! If you live outside of the Twin Cities..TCL streams!

Couples reading 2-12-16




 Here is a link to Jodi’s reading on a couple celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary that day!

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