Embrace the Lightworker Within!

Embrace the Lightworker Within: How to access your psychic gifts and align with your soul’s calling!  


New Interview Series!

Embrace the Lightworker Within!

Are you someone who feels a calling? Do you feel your soul stirring and know you have some unique metaphysical gifts? Perhaps you have been thinking you may want to develop these gifts and become a Lightworker either through your own business or through the work you already do that you love.


As part of my commitment to support you in the excitement of opening up to the language of your intuition, I am here to share an opportunity with you!

I’m participating in a new interview series Embrace the Lightworker Within with my friend and colleague, Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach, and Medical intuitive- Susan Ortolano!

This is a FREE interview series & includes great gifts!

In this interview series we talk about so many avenues to develop psychic, empathic, and intuitive gifts, from my expertise in Mediumship, Intuitive and Law of Attraction coaching, Empathic and Intuitive boundaries to Akashic Records, Empathic energy, Angel and Spirit Guide communication, and more. We are focusing on the stirring of the soul to become a Lightworker in the world!

This event includes so many amazing spiritual professionals! It’s all about the lightworker in YOU! I’m featured on April 30th!

Here is the link to this FREE interview series!



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