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Learn how to write the most amazing chapters into your own life!

Every soul has a story to tell and understanding your own soul’ story will help you create a happier, richer, more powerful and more meaningful life. You can learn to take a step back in time and simultaneously think fast-forward.

When we understand our soul’s story, we know that every page is a day in our life, every chapter an important point in time.

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Jodi Livon draws upon more than thirty years of experience as a professional intuitive and coach and medium to reveal how you can:
– Recognize your soul’s story, and in doing so, discover your life’s theme and learn how to honor it.
– End the cycle of feeling self-doubt and regret by gaining a better understanding of not only the chapter but the whole series.
– Create the life you want by becoming a conscious author of your soul story.

Jodi will adeptly touch on some of the myths behind soul mates; life after life, earth bound spirits, and karma. The class will include useful and insightful guidance and amusing and logical intuitive skill building exercises that cleverly develop and shape psychic abilities.

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