Happy Vibe/Inner Voice…NEW Mini-Podcast!

Happy Vibe/Inner Voice!

March podcast

Listen to this mini-podcast; clear your mind,

find your happy and allow your intuition to flow!

Jodi Livon Photographer Taylor Tupay

Here’s another mini-podcast!


Here’s the link  Unhook & Unstick!


just breathe and believe

New Blog Post and Free Podcast!

In the length of time it takes to brush your teeth, (two minutes) you can infuse yourself with light. So as you brush your teeth each morning, think in terms of admiration, appreciation, gratitude, endearment, affection and light.

That two minutes sets the stage for your entire day. Isn’t your day worth it?

Sun and Sand grounding technique January 21 2019

Click Here! Sun & Sand!

Here’s a little mid-day energy-boosting technique to help you stay centered and feel like your happy, intuitive, self! 

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