The Happy Medium and Intuitive Coach Jodi Livon has some fun and fabulous speaking engagements scheduled!

Fan of the show fan of JodiThe Happy Medium and Intuitive Coach Jodi Livon is doing two classes this spring through Anoka-Hennepin Continuing Education March 10th and 24th, 2016 and another through Minnetonka Continuing Ed on April 6th, 2016!

The Art of Affirmations! Featuring Jodi Livon

Affirmations are life affirming statements that feel empowering to read. They can be used to boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and manifest the life of your dreams by retraining your subconscious mind.

Affirmations generate transformation! Do you want to feel more energized and inspired? Affirmations help dull the sound of the broken record playing in the back of your mind saying: “you can’t, you aren’t” and replaces it with “You can! You are!” Intuition is a partner in the creative force that helps us magnetize that which we most desire. Affirmations, also a partner in the creative force, are an instrument of joy and renewal. Join intuitive coach Jodi Livon for this inspiring presentation about how she uses affirmations in her daily life and how you can begin to use them as well.

This class has been created for those who want to be inspired to use positive thinking through the use of daily affirmations. This session may include spontaneous readings throughout the night!

Wednesday, April 6th from 7-9pm in Deephaven, Minnesota. Click Here for ticket info!

anoka hennepin

You’ve seen her on Twin Cities Live, now come hear Psychic Jodi Livon in person. If you are serious about putting your intuitive abilities to work, this class is for you! Learn how you can use your intuition as an internal alarm system. This event at Anoka-Hennepin Continuing Education, will feature a presentation by Jodi Livon and includes spontaneous readings of several random audience members. Check back for details!

Please check back for information about Jodi’s March 10th class through Anoka-Hennepin Continuing Education, ‘The Oh So Normal Paranormal’ at the Staff Development Center in Anoka, MN and The Happy Medium class on March 24th, 2016!

A reading is more of an art than a science; Jodi makes no promise or guarantee about content.

Jodi doing Kerry Noble reading July 2013

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