Jodi is on Twin Cities Live August 3rd, 23rd, 31st & September 30th!

Jodi is back in the studio and on Twin Cities Live September 30th!

Laughing on TV

Psychic Readings at the Minnesota State Fair!

Such fun doing readings on people at the Minnesota State Fair! We have them on film, check out Twin Cities Live this coming Wednesday, 8-31-16 at the Minnesota State Fair and watch the fun unfold!

Shooting my State Fair segment 8-26-16Jodi's TCL segment at the MN state Fair

After the Reading

Every month our Happy Medium, Jodi Livon, sits down with the audience members live on the show and gives rapid physic readings. She says more often than not those audience members reach out after the show with yet another “aha” moment. Find out what this busy mom had to say! Twin Cities Live!





Jodi Reads Falen’s Dog

Falen’s dog, Elliott, has a new sister at home named Muppet.  With a new family member to get used to, we thought it would be fun to figure out what is going through Elliot’s head.  Who better to figure this out than TCL’s psychic and medium, Jodi Livon!  Jodi gives Elliott a reading and fills in the blanks for Falen. Twin Cities Live!


Falen from KDWB has a sweet dog, Elliott and I read her on August 3rd!

Jodi is on TWIN CITIES LIVE August 3rd, 23rd & 31st!

Tune in and Tune Up!

Jodi & Carson Kressley...Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!First aveTrent Jodi doen the dip COLOR








Well, I’ve read celebrities, danced as a celebrity, and stood on the stage of famed First Avenue after conducting a ghost investigation of the place with well-respected ghost investigator and radio host Dave Schrader. Twin Cities Live may be a local show but it has international appeal. This main-stream medium can’t wait to see what’s next!

Tune in August 23rd,  2016 3pm CST. on channel 5-KSTP! If you live outside of the Twin Cities..TCL streams!

Check out Jodi’s page on the TWIN CITIES LIVE website!

The BestJodi was on Twin Cities Live July 19th & read the FABULOUS Alexis Thompson of myTALK107 fame! Watch Here!

Green room Alexis and Jodi

Instant Instincts! Featuring Jodi Livon at Minnetonka Community Ed!

Blog photo fb

Instant Instincts! Featuring Jodi Livon

We live in a fast paced, electrifying world where instant gratification is the norm. We can do almost anything online but in the pursuit of searching for certain answers, there is nothing like trusting our own gut instincts! This even includes readings on spontaneously chosen audience members!

logo for testimonials on webiste
This class has been created for those absorbed in the wonderful world of spiritual instruction and for those those who are interested in learning to use their intuitive instincts but are not as into the study of metaphysics as the typical spiritual seeker. Check back soon for registration info!

Minnetonka Community Education Center Thursday, Nov 16th, 2015- 6:45:00 – 9:00 PM



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