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 Individual Readings

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Jodi Livon The Happy Medium 2016

Jodi is an Intuitive Expert in Love, Life & Business!

If you are feeling stuck professionally or personally, your intuition can offer you an easy fix!

Jodi naturally demonstrates how to understand intuitive signals, define their meaning and instantly apply them to secure the best possible outcome in countless situations! Her methods are applicable in business as well as in love!

Jodi offers individual, corporate and small-group readings. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday, 10:00am-4:00pm. An individual reading is $150 for 30-minutes and a 60-minute reading is $300. Please click on ‘services’ to schedule or see the link below. Please note, recording the reading is not allowed. Click here for more important Scheduling Policies. Once you have read the policies, Click here to Schedule.

Psychics are interpreters of the information they perceive from the Universal Bank of Knowledge. Intuitive Coach and Happy Medium Jodi Livon, is a fluent expert in the art of interpretation. She has earned a reputation for delivering readings that meticulously illuminate the barriers that cause stress, block the path of the soul and stand in the way of success.

With straightforward and uncanny accuracy, she compassionately illustrates the steps necessary to help dissolve obstructions, facilitate a rejuvenation of energy and produce positive transformation in her clients’ lives. Her work has been described as enlightening, inspiring and validating. She can knock the wind out of loneliness by helping her clients recognize that in their lives, they are in the driver’s seat and are therefore in control of altering their thinking, and therefore changing their lives.


A Skilled Medium Understands the Art of being a Conduit between Different Worlds

A well-trained medium is able to interface between the lower and slower vibrations of the physical world and the much faster ones of the spirit world. Jodi is able to unmistakably sense and tap both energies. The heart of a message comes from the love of those who have crossed over.

Jodi is experienced in connecting with emotional energy and identifying the essence of the spirit of those on the other side. The detailed information she conveys from those who have crossed over leaves little room for doubt. Love never dies; life exists on both sides of the veil.


If you are open to the possibilities the Universe has to offer and are willing to do the work necessary to move forward in your life, schedule a reading with The Happy Medium, Jodi Livon!



Readings are available in-office and via phone by appointment only to adults (18 years or older). We also offer small-group readings, and corporate coaching options. Our office is located in Wayzata, MN. Phone and Skype readings are also scheduled by request.


 A Reading is More of an Art than a Science

Jodi Livon Valentines reading on TCL 2-13-16

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