Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

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Jodi began her successful career in business management. She also sold print media for two of the most-well recognized and respected print media sources in Minnesota. When it became clear that her strong business sense was strongly related to her uncanny intuitive senses, she decided to formally blend the two and began her work as an Intuitive coach and soon created The Intuitive Coach LLC. She has achieved enormous success in helping individuals move forward in their careers and personal lives by identifying ways in which they stand in the way of their own success. Corporate heads, as well as heads of households, have long prized her honesty, unique abilities, candor and professionalism.

Jodi naturally demonstrates how to understand intuitive signals, define what they mean and instantly apply them to procure the best possible outcome in every situation! Her methods are applicable in business as well as in love!


A Reading is More of an Art than a Science

No matter how hard people work, a good business can go bad. In most cases, it’s the problems business owners consistently overlook that is holding them back. Jodi’s unique problem solving skills combined with her intuition create results. Click Here to contact us, learn more and schedule with Jodi.



Jodi has worked with businesses of varying sizes and types for more than two decades. Her clientele includes:

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Health Care Clinics
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Educators
  • Financial Planning Professionals
  • Physicians
  • Attorneys
  • Retail Store Owners

Not Everything is Black and White!
Managers and owners have contracted Jodi’s services at The Intuitive Coach and achieved remarkable results. As an Intuitive Coach, Jodi is able to provide strategic planning advice that is specific to the goals and objectives of her clients. She is able to successfully help clients formulate solutions, which enable them to:

  • Create and attract opportunity
  • Maximize creativity
  • Increase personal and professional effectiveness
  • Train, develop and manage staff
  • Decrease employee conflict and increase employee alignment

If you are a business owner seeking professional guidance, are in search of creative and innovative ways to apply personal insight, and are ready to move to the next level, contact Jodi Livon to learn how intuitive coaching can help you achieve your goals.