Jodi during a reading 12-2015

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To see Jodi’s Intuition in Action on the set of Twin Cities Live! Click Here! 

To see Jodi and national ghost investigator Dave Schrader conduct a ghost investigation of famed First Ave. Click Here!

The Twin Cities Live audience loves when Jodi does Rapid Readings! Click Here to View!

Jodi’s rapid readings on Twin Cities Live have been amazing. Audience members volunteer and are randomly chosen to have a reading on live TV. One volunteer became especially emotional when her murdered father showed up from the other side with a message of love. Click Here to View!

A Twin Cities Live viewer reached out to psychic and medium Jodi Livon to talk with her about her sister, who has been missing since 1994. Jodi provided some information that could help the family find some peace. Click Here to View


The Happy Medium, Jodi Livon appears on Kare 11 to talk about listening to your gut and learning to recognize the difference between intuition and fear. Click Here to View

Anoka Ghost Hunt

In Minnesota, the city of Anoka takes the whole concept of Halloween very seriously. Anoka has been dubbed the Halloween capital of the world, celebrates with a huge parade, and has tales of ghosts that simply don’t want to leave.

We thought Anoka was the perfect place to send our ghost investigation team because of its reputation. Our psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, along with Darkness Radio’s Dave Schrader, headed over to River City Saloon.

The building that River City Saloon is in has quite the history that dates back to the late 1890’s. It was once a furniture store that built caskets for the funeral home next door to it. Dave and Jodi investigate the bar that claims to have a lot paranormal activity.”>Click Here to view!

“Ghost Investigation” at Sea Life Mall of America with Psychic Jodi Livon

[caption id="attachment_4072" align="alignleft" width="300"]Jodi,  Dave Schraderand Sea Life team at the Mall of America Sea Life Ghost Investigation[/caption] Ghost Investigation at Sea Life at MOA! Click Here to view! "The Happy Medium" Jodi Livon teamed up with national ghost investigator and radio show host Dave Schrader to find out if the popular Sea Life exhibit at the  Mall of America is haunted. This story aired on Twin Cities Live October 28th, 2011...
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Chris Gets a Psychic Reading!!!

Chris Egert and Jodi Livon Jodi Livon has given many people a live psychic reading on Twin Cities Live. Chris Egert, however, hasn’t had the priviledge of sitting down with Jodi for this. Today, that’s about to change when Chris gets his first reading from Twin Cities Live’s resident psychic and medium, Jodi Livon. Click Here to View Segment....
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Ask the Psychic!

Whether you are a skeptic or not, when it comes to psychics, you probably have questions. Our Resident Psychic, Jodi Livon, is taking your questions and giving answers. ...
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