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Jodi has been the Resident Psychic on Twin Cities Live since 2009 where she showcases the beauty of the intuitive process with grace, talent and humor. She’s also been a guest on KARE 11 News and North Dakota Today. 

Visit her page on the Twin Cities Live website!

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TV Appearance: Jodi and Elizabeth 4-29-16










Here are a few Jodi’s segments on Twin Cities Live!


Watch this humor-filled round of RAPID READINGS!


Watch a new round of fun RAPID READINGS!

Watch COFFEE WITH COOL PEOPLE featuring Jodi!

Watch the ghost investigation of the LeDUC HISTORIC ESTATES!



Watch a round of RAPID READINGS!


Watch this segment if YOU are a PEOPLE-PLEASER!

Jodi’s latest book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition was launched on Twin Cities Live! Click here to view!

Click Here to see a few of Jodi’s segments on Twin Cities Live!

TCL streams! 






Best kept secret Local MotionClick Here to view Jodi’s fascinating ghost investigation with Twin Cities Live at Cuzzy’s Bar in Minneapolis! 

image of Cuzzy's bar.

On October 31st, Jodi and Twin Cities Live conducted a ghost investigation of The Pole Barn in Stillwater, Minnesota! Click Here to View!

The Pole Barn








Jodi is back on North Dakota Today October 30th, 2015! Click Here to view her October, 2015 segment  Click Here to view her 2014 segment!


Hosts of North Dakota Today









Jodi is always a hit at the MN State Fair!

tv appearance at the State Fair

Jodi is on Twin Cities Live February 15th!

Jodi is a regular guest and the Resident Psychic on ABC'S Twin Cities Live!

Favorite shot Jodi is the resident psychic on a popular show airing in the Midwest called Twin Cities Live! It’s all about food, fashion, and FUN! And of course metaphysical adventures with Jodi! Watch her segment on Twin Cities Live  February 15th on Channel-5 KSTP
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Instant Instincts!

Instant Instincts! Featuring Jodi Livon at Minnetonka Community Education!

Blog photo fbInstant Instincts! Featuring Jodi Livon We live in a fast paced, electrifying world where instant gratification is the norm. We can do almost anything online but in the pursuit of searching for certain answers, there is nothing like trusting our own gut instincts! logo for testimonials on webiste This class has been created for those absorbed in the wonderful world of spiritual instruction and for those those who are interested in learning...
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Jodi is on TWIN CITIES LIVE February 6th, & March 31st, 2015!

RELATIONSHIP RAPID READINGS! Valentines Day is not just about Hearts and's about Twin Cities Live, Rapid Readings and LOVE! Tune in Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 3:00 pm CST. Channel 5-KSTP and see Jodi do her thing! Click Here to view segment! February 2015 TCL Dez, Mandy, Jodi After the show we took some fun photos! Dez (KS95) co-hosted TCL and she rocked! Mandy Tadych is the Executive Producer of Twin Cities Live and she rocks..and Jodi, Twin Cities Live Resident Psychic!   Jodi is the Resident...
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Jodi is on TWIN CITIES LIVE July 25th! 3:00pm CST Channel 5-KSTP!

Jodi “Talks to the Animals” Click HERE to View! Setting segment up Our resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon gets a lot of requests for a reading from people.  Many of those audience readings have proven to be dead on.  We thought it would be fun to find out what the stories are behind the dogs that got adopted from the Humane Society.  Jodi offers to give some owners some insight with a reading of their dog.  ...
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Jodi is on Twin Cities Live June 20th!

Rapid Readings: Friends Edition The connection between friends can be something special.  Sometimes, your friend might know more about you than you know yourself!  Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium, is tapping into that connection with a rapid reading between friends! Click HERE for more information!...
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Best Kept Secrets: Jodi Livon January 29th, 2014!

Our resident psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, has helped several of our audience member get to know themselves a little bit better with her rapid readings.  She has even investigated some of the most haunted places in the metro for us. Jodi is helping us get to know her a little bit better by showing us some of her “best kept secrets”.
Click Here to View Wanna know a secret? A Best Kept Secret? Watch Twin Cities Live January 29th, at 3:00 pm! Channel 5-KSTP ...
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Jodi Livon’s Psychic Reading With a Fan!

Last photo after the shoot Psychic and medium Jodi Livon is a fan favorite on Twin Cities Live. When she gives audience members a reading on the show, Jodi doesn’t have a whole lot of time to get into it. Her actual readings can last up to an hour. Michelle Asher, from Menomonie, Wisconsin has always wanted a reading from Jodi so we hooked the two of them up so Michelle could get a more in-depth reading. Jodi is a columnist for Savvy Magazine. Send your questions to Savvy Editor in Chief Britt Johnsen,...
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Anoka Ghost Investigation

  Twin Cities Live Ghost Investigators Dave Schrader and Jodi Livon Twin Cities Live, aired 10/31/13 In Minnesota The city of Anoka takes the whole concept of Halloween very seriously. Anoka has been dubbed the Halloween capital of the world, celebrates with a huge parade, and has tales of ghosts that simply don’t want to leave. We thought Anoka was the perfect place to send our ghost investigation team because of its reputation. Our psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, along with Darkness Radio’s Dave Schrader, headed over to River City Saloon. The building that River City Saloon...
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Guest Co-Host Psychic Reading

Aired 9/26/13 Our guest co-host, Jennifer, was pretty excited to find out that Jodi Livon was on the show today. Twin Cities Live’s resident psychic and medium is one of her favorite guests on the show. So we put Jennifer in the hot seat for a reading! Click here to see Guest Co-Host Psychic Reading on Twin Cities Live.
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Psychic Readings with Animals – MN State Fair 2013

Reading Brooke! Aired 8/30/13 Our psychic Jodi Livon headed over to the Cattle Barn at the State Fair to give the animals a few psychic readings.  Click here to see Psychic Readings with Animals at the MN State Fair on Twin Cities Live.
If you'd like to see Jodi in action, she has an event on November 14th. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Intuitive Process, But Were Afraid to Ask! When: Thursday, November 14th, 2013 7:00pm – 9:00pm Where: Plymouth Creek Center 14800 34th Ave. Plymouth, MN 55447 This event...
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Jodi Reads Keri Noble

Aired 7/20/13 Keri Noble and Jodi Livon Usually, we pick the person out of the audience who gets the live reading from our Psychic and Medium, Jodi Livon. Today, however, is a bit different. We asked her for a list of people who she would like to read and at the top was Musician and Radio Host, Keri Noble. We brought Keri in for Jodi to give a live reading to.  Click here to see Jodi Reads Keri Noble on Twin Cities Live. 7/20/13   Keri has an upcoming concert August 1st at...
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Psychic Jodi Livon performs readings with Twin Cities Live audience members

Aired 6/21/13 Psychic and Medium Jodi Livon has been a regular for nearly four years on our show and she is still the most asked about guest. Recently, Jodi did a gallery reading with one of our audiences. She’s here to explain what happened. Jodi has an event later this summer called, “Enjoy an Out of This World Night, an Out of This World dinner and an Out of This World discussion with Jodi Livon about the Oh So Normal Paranormal!” For more information and to register, click here....
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Chris gets a Psychic Reading!

Chris Egert and Jodi Livon Jodi Livon has given many people a live psychic reading on Twin Cities Live. Chris Egert, however, hasn’t had the priviledge of sitting down with Jodi for this. Today, that’s about to change when Chris gets his first reading from Twin Cities Live’s resident psychic and medium, Jodi Livon. Click Here to View Segment. ...
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Host Chat..about JODI!

It's no secret that John Hanson, co-host of Twin Cities Live is and has always been a complete skeptic about psychics, mediums, and the like. During his last week on the show about four minutes into host chat he shared a story about something Jodi said to him 5 or 6 months ago that came to fruition. It gave him pause and even made him consider the possibilities! Click Here to View Segment. ...
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