Jodi’s Past Events

 Past Events!

We are so busy with our current events, we seldom have a minute to update this page!

Join Jodi for the Oh So Normal Paranormal in Anoka, Minnesota!

Instagram anoka henn whoohoo eventWhere else would Jodi do a speaking engagement about spooks but in the Halloween capitol of the world, ANOKA, MN!

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It’s often tough to separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to the supernatural, making it that much more difficult to honestly comprehend what it means to truly connect with loved ones on the other side. Intuitive coach and psychic, Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium, presents a thrilling presentation on alternative dimensions: The other side, ghosts, spirits, or energy forms and beings. Learn how to safely open up and sense spirit activity. Class fee: $39.

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An Out of this World Event about the Oh so Normal Paranormal and YOU!

mozza mia restaurant Where: Mozza Mia in Edina! This event is $75 per guest and includes a fabulous dinner at Mozza Mia in Edina and will feature a presentation by Jodi Livon about the Oh So Normal Paranormal and how it relates to YOU! Ask questions, laugh and learn! Jodi will also be doing spontaneous readings of several guests!




Enjoy an Out of This World Night, an Out of This World dinner and an Out of This World discussion with Jodi Livon about the Oh So Normal Paranormal! SOLD OUT!

Anoka-Hennepin Community Education
Evening Class SOLD OUT!
Jodi Livon – The Happy Medium

You’ve seen her on Twin Cities Live, now come hear Psychic Jodi Livon in person. If you are serious about putting your intuitive abilities to work, this class is for you! Learn how you can use your intuition as an internal alarm system. This event will feature a presentation by Jodi Livon and includes spontaneous readings of several random audience members.

Rapid Readings Sept 2017

IMG_7011Great shot

Jodi will be on TWIN CITIES LIVE AUGUST 25th at the MN STATE FAIR! Arrive EARLY, Jodi will be doing gallery-style-readings! FREE!

On July 28th The Happy Medium Jodi Livon read Colleen Lindstrom of myTalk107 fame on TWIN CITIES LIVE!

FullSizeRender-148 Closing reading

On June 30th I get to play what I affectionately refer to as Sidewalk Psychic on TV! What is a sidewalk psychic? Well a medium of course, who heads to a beach or busy shopping area looking for the perfect people to read for the coolest TV show around!

This segment is going to be such fun to watch! Tune into Twin Cities Live on June 30th!

Jodi’s Mother Daughter reading on Twin Cities Live in honor of Mother’s Day was a big hit!


Jodi stopped by the KSTP studio on April 21st, the shows 9th Birthday, to share some of her favorite memories!  

My favorite picture of the day

IMG_3145-1Lehmans readingIMG_3110

Watch Jodi’s April 21st segment on Twins Cities L