“Jodi was kind and professional, and most importantly spot on with her insight. Her specific intuition about my circumstance and ability to answer my many questions gave me what I needed to act confidently in my love life and career and helped bring me clarity. Well worth it!”

Matt B.,


You have an unusual talent. What you said has made a vast difference for me in my career. Thank you.

Bernard ,

I’m just so moved by the entire experience and feel peace in my heart. Jodi connected with my loved ones in heaven and told me things about them no one else would know. It was a beautiful experience!

Charlie M.,


Thank you for your beautiful reading. I have spent many hours thinking about your strangely accurate insights. Thanks Jodi for doing what you do, you are a light.

Louise T.,


I love watching you on Twin Cities Live TV. You are so good and funny and calm and really get through to people!  

Beth T.,

Jodi, you answered a question I had tonight on Jim Harold’s campfire show. I wanted to thank you for the great advice!!!

Thanks again!!! I just love your vibe, so warm, upbeat, and positive!                    



 I found your blog through a mutual FB friend.  I just had to say how much I appreciate reading this- I recently lost my dad 9 months ago and am doing my best.  I struggle from time to time and lately I have really been missing him….Your blog made me cry in relief, brought out some grief, but also gave me that tears of joy feeling, …it is the closest affirmation I’ve found that my father is ok, and I’ll be ok.  Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient, & I wish I was more eloquent, but thank you.

Carl R.,

Jodi, I am so thankful for the reading you did for me on Twin Cities Live. You are AMAZING! Everything you said and predicted was true. Can’t Thank You enough!

Tammy W.,


Thank you…simply Thank you. I had wanted to receive a reading from the “real thing” for a very long time. I first saw you on Twin Cities Live and realized immediately that your talent was truly genuine. I did a great deal of research on-line before deciding to reach out to you and discovered that you appeared to be very different than others in your field. Now after meeting with you, my high expectations have been far surpassed. You were not only spot on about understanding my spirit, but you used our time to assist me to become the best person that I could be. Thank You for all that you have given me.

Margaret T.,

I was nervous about being so personal and open with someone I just met, but Jodi really helps you feel secure, comfortable, and open during your reading. It was a great experience.

Rachel R.,

Hello Jodi! I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. I had a reading in January and a big message was to switch my perspective and not be so quick to cut to the chase. After making an effort to do just that I found myself feeling truly happy, beautiful, and loving me. You definitely had a positive effect on my career situation, which was prominent in the reading, as well as life in general. More than a year later and I’m still feeling truly happy and the statement, “I am love” pops into my head frequently. It’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing my guides’ messages with me. You are a gift.

Marilyn C.,

What a wonderful, beautiful, emotion filled, informative class last night at Champlin Park HS. I learned a lot and realized I was more psychic than I thought and will use the protection techniques. Glad I could attend!


I’ve had readings before and they were good but nothing like the one I just had with Jodi Livon. Her accuracy was flawless. The experience changed my life. Thank you!

Liz S. Chicago,

My wife really wanted me to go with her to one of your events. You surprised me with your accuracy and with your knowledge of the paranormal. You talk about things that are odd but true and people relax. You know what you are doing Jodi and are good at it. Watching you put my skepticism to rest.

Mark P. Cottage Grove, MN,

My big brother and I were very close. He died when he was just 10 years old and my family has never gotten over it. My sister and I went to one of Jodi’s talks and we were surprised when Jerry came through Jodi. Jodi knew how he died and his pet name for me. I never told anyone that name. My sister and I still miss Jerry but something changed for us that night. We appreciate what Jodi does, she is very talented and caring.

Darla A.,

I’ve never been a believer in this psychic thing but Jodi said dozens of things about my life and my dad during my reading she would have no way of knowing. She nailed it.

Conrad T.,

The best thing about my reading with Jodi is I felt like a light bulb after the light bulb going off. I think some mediums try to tell you what you want to hear, but with Jodi- she really told me the things I needed to hear. Thank you so much!

K. Peterson,

Wow, how an hour can change a person’s life. Thank you Jodi!

Patti G,

Thank you so much for my reading today. As I have reflected on your words the last few hours, I feel a renewed sense of joy I haven’t felt in a long time about where I’m heading… I’m still a little speechless…. Thank you!

Jacqueline A,

I left your talk so uplifted & feel immensely lighter today. Hoping that many of your suggestions/insights will continue to keep my attitude a bit lighter. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!!


Hi Jodi! Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know, shortly after the reading I had with you, I purchased your book, The Happy Medium, and read it every chance I had. After our New Year celebration I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning reading it! I also wanted to say how amazing the chapter about your father was. I cried my eyes out. It was really touching, and a healing gift for you to share. Again, thank you for the peace and closure of the reading. I feel as though a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders, and that a new light is radiating in me. God Bless You.


Jodi Livon is an incredible addition to our cast of regular guests on Twin Cities Live. She is not only incredibly gifted as a medium, but has the unique ability to connect with viewers through the television. She is warm, genuine and positive; all attributes that make people want to watch her on television. Jodi is also kind and thoughtful, characteristics that make the idea of psychic gifts approachable and relatable. There’s not a single regular guest on Twin Cities Live who receives a bigger response from viewers than Jodi Livon.

Elizabeth Ries, Host,Twin Cities Live, 5 Eyewitness News | KSTP-TV, LLC

Jodi Livon has been a regular guest on Twin Cities Live since 2009. Why do we love her? Because she brings a special spark and sizzle to the show.  We regularly see ratings jump during Jodi’s segments.  Jodi is excellent at making her segments relatable to a diverse audience.  She is constantly looking for ways to push the limit and capture the viewers attention. But what I respect most about Jodi is the way she handles herself with grace and professionalism on and off camera. Jodi is the real deal…and Twin Cities Live viewers can’t get enough of her!

Amanda Tadych, Executive Producer, Twin Cities Live, 5 Eyewitness News | KSTP-TV, LLC

I really enjoyed reading The Happy Medium.  Jodi Livon has a special gift for communicating. In fact, it feels almost as though we are together and having a conversation. Her talent for making the complex more understandable is remarkable.

Pat Evans, Co-host of Kare 11 Today, Anchor Kare News@4 NBC Minneapolis

I’m a skeptic but was publicly amazed by Jodi’s intuitive skill. On live television, with no prior knowledge of my situation, Jodi was able to connect to a health problem that I’m dealing with and also offer reassurance about my future. Her presence and ability to communicate are astonishing! I’m a believer now.

Kevyn Burger,

I had the pleasure of interviewing a lady named Jodi Livon back in August. She is a warm, engaging and remarkably talented medium. Her upbeat and sparkling personality made her a standout guest. We loved her!   She has written her first book, The Happy Medium published by Llewellyn Worldwide. It is launching Jodi into an orbit of recognition that I believe will grow into a major career in a new generation of psychic mediums.

Gary Mantz, Seattle Radio Talk Show Host 1150 KKNW

Jodi Livon has been a regular guest doing psychic readings on TWIN CITIES LIVE on KSTP-TV in Minneapolis since August of 2009. She is a natural on TV – warm, engaging, and with a genuine presence our viewers frequently comment on. We see a steady uptick in our ratings when she appears on our show, and get great viewer feedback! She’s a pleasure to work with and brings great ideas to the table to help improve her appearances on our show.

Josie Hemmingsen, Producer, Twin Cities Live 5 Eyewitness News | KSTP-TV, LLC

“My father has everything he needs – and is not easy to shop for, so I gave him a gift certificate for a session with Jodi. He loved it, and now it the only thing on his wish list!”

A happy daughter! ,

Jodi, thank you again for your words of insight and support. Things were bumpy at first, but REALLY turned around and I just kept replaying what you said to me and it helped. I couldn’t control the chaos around me but I could control my attitude and reaction to it, and that’s what made all the difference. I wanted to let you know that you were forefront in helping me to stay positive and be a change for the better. More than once you’ve planted something positive in my head that made my life better because it changed my attitude. You rock (and you make a difference in people’s lives so I hope you see the value in YOU).

L. Zacher,

By nature, I am skeptical. I learned within minutes of meeting Jodi Livon that she has tremendous skill as a medium. She knew details about my deceased sister’s personality that even I had forgotten.

Barb C. St. Paul, MN,

I had my first reading yesterday (Aug. 12, 2013). Jodi was amazing, providing info about me that erased all of the previous skepticism I had. This is going to have a profound impact on my life. Thank you and bless you, Jodi.