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Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium® has been the Resident Psychic and a regular guest on Twin Cities Live since 2009. She has covered stories, conducted ghost investigations, read audience members as well as national and local celebrities.

Twin Cities Live Co-host Elizabeth Ries says, “Jodi Livon is an incredible addition to our cast of regular guests on Twin Cities Live. She is not only incredibly gifted as a medium, but has the unique ability to connect with viewers through the television. She is warm, genuine and positive; all attributes that make people want to watch her on television. Jodi is also kind and thoughtful, characteristics that make the idea of psychic gifts approachable and relatable. There’s not a single regular guest on Twin Cities Live who receives a bigger response from viewers than Jodi Livon.”

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Amanda Tadych, Executive Producer at Twin Cities Live says, “Why do we love Jodi Livon? Because she brings a special spark and sizzle to the show.  We regularly see ratings jump during Jodi’s segments. She’s excellent at making her segments relatable to a diverse audience and she’s  constantly looking for ways to push the limit and capture the viewers attention. Jodi is the real deal…and Twin Cities Live viewers can’t get enough of her!” Twin Cities Live, 5 Eyewitness News | KSTP-TV, LLC

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