Are You a Skeptic?

Jodi’s work as an intuitive coach stands on it’s own. She’s a solid psychic medium and her work speaks for itself.

John Hanson talks about an experience with Jodi Livon on Twin Cities Live!!

John Hanson, former host of Twin Cities Live, recounts a story about an experience he had with psychic and medium Jodi Livon. John spent a lot of time trying to poke holes in Jodi’s claim that psychic intuition is an art that can help people in their every-day life. In the end, he admitted on air that Jodi’s abilities were real.

My favorite picture of the dayReadings are powerful flares tossed into the unconscious. Anyone addressing your subconscious so directly should be professional and a dynamo.

When choosing a psychic or medium, it’s important to employ the same caution you would use in choosing a health care practitioner. Good mediums maintain high universal standards, ethics, and morals. In matters of soul, experience counts.

Jodi Livon has been working professionally as a corporate psychic since the early 1980’s. She is a published author (The Happy Medium, Llewellyn, 2009 & The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition, 2016), a columnist for Savvy Magazine and a regular guest and the resident psychic on a Twin Cities Live, (ABC, KSTP channel 5). She works with both the private and business sectors. Her intuitive coaching is designed to help people achieve the life they want by breaking through perceived barriers, finding inner wisdom, clarity of mind, and inner strength. Jodi helps people find and live in their joy. Her work as an Intuitive Coach helps create results!
If you are searching for someone who offers integrity, experience, and a high level of skill and compassion, you will find that and more in Jodi Livon.
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